DPS Magazine

This is my digital version of my magazine. I created it using Digital Publishing Suite and it’s interactive! In making this magazine, I employed various design strategies to engage readers and contribute to the branding of my magazine. To make visual coherence, each page used margins and a 3×3 grid. I used typography to convey… Continue reading DPS Magazine

Portfolio Site

Here’s the link to my portfolio practice site. It’s an exercise from Interactive Prototyping class and we all used the same wireframe and content, but I still wanted to finish it because I think it’s an important step in figuring out how I want to make my own site. In the coming weeks I hope to have… Continue reading Portfolio Site


Hi, Here’s the first version of my resume! Soon, I hope to use the insights of the 5 industry professionals I’m contacting to inform some edits. I’ll also change the formatting and typefaces when I develop my personal brand more thoroughly next week. Resume (pdf)

Tech Drawing

Hi, Here’s my tech drawing. I had an issue in that my computer crashed earlier, but I decided to go back and redo the work I had lost. Project Summary: I created a KitchenAid mixer using vector graphics. Here are the most important things I learned in the process: Always save your work as you… Continue reading Tech Drawing

Composite 2

Hi y’all, This is my Composite Two. I made the CD album art and website for Nilüfer Yanya’s new EP, Plant Feed.  Full disclosure: I don’t feel this is finished, but it’s time to cut my losses and hand it in. Project summary:  Background: Nilüfer Yanya is a 21-year-old Londoner who makes smoky, soothing pop songs… Continue reading Composite 2