Composite 2

Hi y’all,

This is my Composite Two. I made the CD album art and website for Nilüfer Yanya’s new EP, Plant Feed. 

Full disclosure: I don’t feel this is finished, but it’s time to cut my losses and hand it in.

Project summary: 

Background: Nilüfer Yanya is a 21-year-old Londoner who makes smoky, soothing pop songs that are simple yet rich in their clever composition.

Last week I looked through Pitchfork’s best new tracks and stumbled upon her new EP, and loved all three songs. Because I love Nilufer Yanya’s music, it was motivation to create an album release for her.

My design strategy was to use layout, colour, type, imagery to make Plant Feed fresh and marketable while maintaining its grungy, DIY-feel. Some examples of what I did were to create grunge effect paper on Ai in the CD-cover background. I also used faded colours and vintage imagery like a pink phone.

On the website, I chose typefaces that convey a message of clarity, professionalism and adherence to latest trends in design. This way, Nilüfer Yanya comes across as professional.


Overall, this hopefully had the effect of making Plant Feed seem like it was done by everyday creative people, saying “we don’t need heavily produced tunes and music industry influence to make great art.” It also has the effect of looking legit and professional.


What I learned:

  • Start early on web designs. This is unfinished because I didn’t allocate enough time to the project. 
  • how to use brushes and masks on Ai to make a marker-drawn effect; how to make grunge paper effect; how to make 3-D letters (Plant Feed title)
  • Web:
    • how to put a graphic logo into the slicknav
    • How to style a table
    • Practiced a lot of responsive/mobile

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