Tech Drawing


Here’s my tech drawing. I had an issue in that my computer crashed earlier, but I decided to go back and redo the work I had lost.

Project Summary:

I created a KitchenAid mixer using vector graphics. Here are the most important things I learned in the process:

Always save your work as you go

Some graphics use a ton of RAM, so try rasterizing them if it doesn’t compromise the effect you’re going for.

I learned how to colour an object using gradient mesh. I learned that it’s a great skill to have in my toolbox, but that it’s a challenging one and will take more practice to master.

How to make a stainless steel effect: once you have a background steel colour gradient, add Mezzotint pixelation to a square or circle shape. Then use a radial blur to make the points look like brushed steel. I made a clipping mask of that texture using the bowl outline, and it worked decently.

I feel I got a ton of practice using illustrator in this assignment. I enjoyed parts of it and was frustrated by others, but I learned from those hiccups and improved my skill.


Pdf of Line Drawing

Artboard 1


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