Employment Skills Exercise #4: Online Branding Package

In this exercise, I created a package for spur-of-the-moment situations where an awesome job opportunity might arise. Here’s what I did:

a) I updated my LinkedIn profile so I’m putting my best foot forward. Looks like I’m on the right track.linkedin.jpg

b) Once I got all updated, I followed five companies I like: Concrete, Jackknife, Winkreative, BBDO and Ogilvy.

c) Then I searched for five different graphic design jobs. I copy and pasted the job descriptions into a Google doc and then when through and highlighted keywords. After that, I went through again in a different colour and highlighted words and qualities that all firms seemed to be looking for, like “excellent time management skills” and “strong understanding of design principles.”


d) Using the buzzwords from that process, I revised my resume, adding things the employers are looking for. For example, I added that I have a strong understanding of design principles and production execution. I also tweaked my restaurant work job description to say that I created excellent customer experiences under pressure in a team setting, which each job description emphasized.

e) I made a new logo branding scheme on Illustrator. This is an idea for a simple business card.

Artboard 2

f) I made a pdf of a “quick portfolio” for on-the-fly networking opportunities.

g) I started thinking about what I want to have in my final portfolio. Checklist is ready with all feedback attached so I can get to work.

This exercise was actually quite challenging, but in going through these steps I definitely feel better prepared for portfolio week.👍





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