DPS Magazine

This is my digital version of my magazine. I created it using Digital Publishing Suite and it’s interactive!

In making this magazine, I employed various design strategies to engage readers and contribute to the branding of my magazine. To make visual coherence, each page used margins and a 3×3 grid. I used typography to convey modernity, simplicity and style. For the headlines, I often used Aileron, which is a font new to 2017. Like Helvetica, it’s sans serif and legible from afar, accessible to all readers. I used Adobe Caslon for the body. It’s an old-style font, and I chose it because I felt the copy written by my friend I feature in the magazine is eloquent and deserves a font that is comfortable, inviting, and well-used over the centuries. The New Yorker uses Caslon for its body, and I believe Angèle’s writing is of that quality.

A third design strategy I used was colour. In the how-to guide, I chose charcoal colours for the text to make it softer on the eyes, but a boldly coloured illustration of a GameBoy. I wanted to simplify the instructions, conveying that “reading this interactive magazine is fun and as easy as using a GameBoy!”

For the cover design, I decided to let my friend’s self-portrait speak for itself in order to attract the target audience of creative people ages 20-40. Compositionally it’s already an excellent photo, so I didn’t want to add much. I think I succeed in targeting the audience because my simple white text allows the photograph to come through. I hope this comes across as sophisticated in its simplicity, which will compel potential readers to buy the magazine.

Some interactive elements I used:

  • Slideshow overlays
  • Embedded video
  • Animation
  • Scrollable frame
  • “Swipe Gallery”
  • Buttons that link to URLs

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