Editorial Assignment (Print Magazine)

Today I’ll be picking up the printed copy of my magazine! This is the print version of my Digital Publishing Suite assignment.

The challenge:

Make a magazine with a minimum of 28 pages that includes cover, ads, credits, table of contents, letter from the editor, contributors and 5 articles unique to your magazine. In short: make a magazine from scratch, where you are the author, photographer, editor and publisher—i.e. every role.

To make sure my magazine had unique content, I decided to make photography magazine based on the pictures of some of my talented photographer friends. I asked 5 friends to choose a series of photos that they feel proud of taking, and to write a small piece to tell the story behind the pieces they chose.

The result: I got four photo essays from my friends Jeff, Angèle, Jaron and Sam. I love the pieces they chose and I’m grateful they let me feature them in this assignment. Angèle also wrote captions to accompany her portraits, and it’s well-written and poignant (definitely have a read).

Skills I learned:

  • Layout: every page follows a 3×3 grid structure
  • Typography
    • Tracking, hyphenation, kerning, margins and leading
    • Basically, I had to make the text be readable and look good. Choosing header typefaces was fun and challenging, and I think they turned out well and show my design skills
  • Production execution: the scope of this magazine was large, and required organization and foresight: Contacting friends in a timely manner, sketching the layout for all the pages, etc.
  • Understanding design principles: I practiced my eye for design to see what worked  in terms of image placement, colour, layout, typography and headlines. 
  • Creative advertising: the purpose of a magazine’s cover is to sell itself. Because of this I researched how to make persuasive headlines and wrote cover lines that encourage the reader to open the magazine and read more. 

Further steps:

The next time I make a magazine, I hope to:

  • Use typefaces, colour and layout more consciously to enhance the meaning of the content. Web designer Jeff Zeldman says, “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” I agree. The next time I’ll keep this in mind when choosing what design elements I use to present the content.
  • Be more organized about backing up and saving my work. A thunderstorm and subsequent power outage almost wiped out a day’s work! ⚡


See their work:

Angèle Boudreau Flickr

Jeff Dalgleish Flickr

Jaron Felix Instagram

My Magazine (pdf)


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